I am a professor and Researcher in the Faculty of Engineering, School of Electronics and  in the Master Programs. Among the courses I teach are: Fundamentals of Robotics, Industrial Instrumentation, Flexible Manufacturing Systems,  Digital Control, Mobile Robots, Digital Image Processing, Robotics in Manufacturing Systems and Vision Systems in Manufacturing.

Short Description of the Courses

  •  Engineering Courses

Fundamentals of Robotics


Course for Mechatronics Engineering students. This course includes aspects such as Robot Morphology, Kinematic Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Control aspects and applications of Industrial Robots.

Industrial Instrumentation


Course for Mechatronics, Electronics, and Automation Engineering students. In this course the techniques of measurement of the main variables that must be regulated in industrial processes are studied. Special attention is given to calibration and assembly criteria, and aspects of virtual instrumentation are studied.

Flexible Manufacturing Systems


Course for Mechatronics Engineering students. This subject locates Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) within the spectrum of industrial manufacturing systems, as well as their application. We also study the different auxiliary systems used in FMSs and the steps for FMS design and selection.

Digital Control

 Control Digital

Course for Electronics, and Automation Engineering students. In this course the techniques of digital control are studied from the perspective of the mathematics of discrete systems. They design and implement regulators using Microcontrollers and use MATLAB® as a simulation tool and programming language.

Mobile Robots


Course for Mechatronics Engineering students. In this course we study the strategies and mechanisms that provide the localization, orientation and guidance of mobile robots, including methods of trajectory determination, sensors for the positioning of mobile robots. Also, the morphology, kinematics and dynamics of locomotion mechanisms of mobile robots, power transfer devices, wheels, legs, tracks and limbs are studied in order to design mobile robots.

Digital Image Processing


Course for Mechatronics, and Automation Engineering students. This course the techniques that enable compression and processing of images and video are studied. We analyze the images in the frequency domain, feature extraction, segmentation and the basics of digital video.

  • Master Courses

Robotics in Manufacturing Systems


In this course, the basic concepts of robotics are studied with emphasis on the theoretical aspects of kinematics, dynamics, programming and planning. Students should be able to solve problems of applying methods to design, select and use industrial robots and services.

In the field of industrial robots the main aspects are the planning of movements and control of the robot, the mathematical basis of these fields is taught and applied through practical exercises.

Vision Systems in Manufacturing


The course presents an introduction to the hardware systems and the algorithms used to facilitate the automation of industrial processes through techniques based on artificial vision.