I am a part-time Professor at Universidad de Sonsonate (USO). Among the courses I teach are: Digital Systems, Statics, Dynamics, Automatic Control Systems.

Short Description of the Courses

Digital Systems


The course includes the study of Digital Logic, Boolean Algebra, Digital devices such as: counters, registers, Flipflops, logic gates, ALUs and the design of logic circuits. Combinational systems, sequential systems, registers, converters and memories are also analyzed.

Control Automatic Systems


The course includes the study of automatic control systems, a mathematical analysis, transfer functions, block diagrams, signal flow graphs, mathematical modeling of physical systems, stability in linear control systems, design ff systems and regulators, control analysis in the time domain and Nyquist analysis. MATLAB® and Simulink® as simulation and test platform is used.



The course provides the basic concepts of mechanics applied to the analysis of rigid bodies statically, subjected to internal and external forces. Fundamental concepts such as balance, moment of a force, systems of force, centroids, armor, beams, cables, moment of inertia and virtual work are studied..


The course provides the basic concepts of kinematic and kinetics of particles, Systems of Particles, Kinematics of Rigid Bodies, Plane Motion of Rigid Bodie (Forces and Accelerations, Energy and Momentum Methods), Kinetics of Rigid Bodies in Three Dimensions, and Vibrations.